Ti Almerinda History

Company History


It all began in 1983, when Mrs. Almerinda Fernandes Silva began to make patties and cod pastry in her kitchen.
At the time, the production required a harder work, the patties dough was stretched with a rolling pin, the pastry were molded with two spoons and, of course, the production was 500 to 600 units per day. Since that time, her products have been known by Ti Almerinda. With the increasing demand of her products, she had to adjust the facilities in order to be able to respond to all the


In 1995 she learned that the new law required a number of licensing. In order to continue to produce, she made all the necessary records and works to comply with all the European standards required at that time.


Finally, on February 29 1996, she constituted the firm called "Almerinda & Family, LTD.", with the
products trade name "Ti Almerinda".


In 2005, her daughter Nélia Fernandes Paulino Pedro and Joaquim Filipe Faustino Pedro took over
the management.


The company "Almerinda & Family, Ltd" was distinguished, by the quality of their performance and risk profile, such as SME Leader.


The company joined the "Buy what is ours" initiative in order to enhance national production,

Após um rigoroso processo de controlo, a atribuição da distinção "Alimento Seguro" foi emitida em Junho de 2011, garantindo a Segurança e o bem estar dos nossos clientes.

"Almerinda & Family" has been accumulating experience for nearly three decades in order to respond to the needs and exceed the expectations of its customers.

This working philosophy is reflected in the everyday of the company, in the strict adherence to the

Nos produits continuent a être préparés et cuisinés selon les recettes traditionnelles, pensant à la satisfaction du client.
Actuellement, le groupe est constitué par 26 employés et est carastérisée par une entreprise moderne étant conforme aux éxigences de la législation.